Employment @ Stone Fired

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At Stone Fired Pizza, we believe one person can make a big impact. 

We value customer service, teamwork, and fun.


Delivery Drivers

 Job Description and requirements:

 1. Delivering food orders to Residents, Businesses, and Hotels.

 2. Assisting in production of sandwiches, salads and other menu items in a fast paced work place.

 3. Drivers also assist in taking phone and over the counter orders. 

 4. Completing typical back of house and side work.

-Delivery Drivers are required to have their own vehicle that is in sound working order. Vehicle must accept the use of SFP car topper. 

 -Drivers must have a valid Florida License, a registered vehicle, and current insurance to deliver for SFP

 Pay Rate-$6-8/hour + Tips + $1.00/delivery

Pizza Makers

 Job Description and Requirements:

 1. Assisting in all food production; Main focus, pizza line.

 2. Taking phone and counter orders for Pick Up and Delivery.

 3. Assisting in production of Salads and Sandwiches etc. in a fast paced work place.

 4. Completing typical back of house and side work.

-Experience in hand tossing pizza is required.

 Pay rate- $10 - $14/hour 

Other Positions: Phone, Salad/Sub/Prep, Dishwasher